Code of Ethics and Business Conduct 

United Fire Group, Inc. expects its employees, officers and directors to adhere to the highest ethical standards of conduct in all business activities and to act in a manner that enhances our standing as a vigorous and ethical competitor within the business community.

As part of our commitment to ethical and lawful conduct, we expect our employees, officers, directors, shareholders and those with whom we do business to report information relating to actual and suspected wrongdoing or unethical behavior involving the company or any of its employees.

For additional information relating to UFG’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, click here

Ethics Hotline

UFG’s Ethics Hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and facilitates the reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.

The Ethics Hotline is available to our employees, officers, directors, shareholders, as well as agents, policyholders, contractors, vendors and others who have a business relationship with UFG Insurance. Anyone who has information about an actual or potential violation of the UFG Code of Ethics and Business Conduct wrongdoing or unethical behavior involving the company or any of its employees should submit a report to the Ethics Hotline. 

The Ethics Hotline provides a web-based reporting capability, as well as a toll-free telephone-based service. Translation services are available to permit internal and external reporters to submit complaints in their preferred language.

  • To access the Ethics Hotline via the web, visit
  • To access the Ethics Hotline via the telephone, dial 1-800-461-9330. Non-U.S. callers, click here for international dialing instructions.

Regardless of how a report is made, UFG Insurance prohibits retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, reports a possible violation or who participates in an investigation, even if sufficient evidence is not found to substantiate the concern. UFG Insurance will take appropriate action against any individual determined to be engaging in retaliatory conduct. 

Other Channels of Communication 

UFG Insurance offers several internal channels of communication for reporting potential misconduct. Although you should choose the channel you feel most comfortable with, engaging resources closest to the situation may promote more efficient resolution. 

For claims, customer service matters or complaints involving your insurance policy with UFG Insurance, please refer to your policy documentation for applicable contact information. 

If you believe that your concerns cannot be addressed by the Ethics Hotline, you may also contact the Audit Committee: 

Audit Committee-Confidential 
C/O United Fire Group, Inc. 
118 Second Avenue SE 
PO Box 73909 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52407-3909 

For any other concerns or complaints, please use the Contact Us form on

United Fire Group, Inc. will not discharge, demote, suspend, threaten, harass, or in any other manner discriminate against an employee in the terms and conditions of employment because of any lawful act done by the employee to provide information or otherwise assist in an investigation regarding any conduct that the employee reasonably believes constitutes a violation of any rule or regulation of the SEC or any provision of state or federal law relating to fraud against shareholders when the information or assistance is provided to or the investigation is conducted, by, among others, a person working for us with the authority to investigate, discover or terminate misconduct.

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